What do metasearch engines do

Dynamic prices in hotel
They display hotel room rates from various booking sites and OTAs all in one place. TravelLine Metasearch will allow you to offer the best deal — your website price on metasearch engines.
Displaying your offer in direct comparison to OTAs lets you compete with them. Price, that appears much cheaper than your OTA commission fees, encourages travellers to click onto it and complete their booking right there or on your website.

How can you benefit from metasearch engines

Your potential guests use price comparison sites to find accommodation. Display your
direct offer there to encourage more clients to book on your website rather than on OTA.

43.6% of travellers use metasearch every time they book a hotel
finds EyeforTravel

Why opt in for metasearch with TravelLine

TravelLine partners Google Hotel Ads, trivago and Tripadvisor.
Our integration is stable and certified by engines themselves.

How to start

TravelLine assists you to market your direct offer on 3 most popular platforms:
Google Hotel Ads, trivago and Tripadvisor.
Create accounts on Google,
trivago and Tripadvisor.
Come to know terms of use
for each one.
Let TravelLine Booking Engine
connect you to metasearch
Allocate your marketing
budget and launch campaigns.
Done! Clients can see your
website rates, so you will
get more direct bookings.

Top engines in TravelLine Metasearch

Our metasearch management software lets you gain
visibility across Google Hotel Ads, trivago and Tripadvisor.

Google Hotel Ads

Why get listed

  • Redirecting from Google search engine, Google My Business, Google Maps and Google Assistant straight to booking.
  • Offering website rates on Google. It is impossible without a technology partner like TravelLine.
  • Deriving more clients from Google users. Google takes 90% of the global search engine market.

73% of travellers search hotels
and compare their rates on Google
reports Eyefor Travel


Why get listed

  • Trivago is the metasearch leader in terms of traffic generation to hotel websites.
  • Free sign-up, account management and an analytics tool.
  • A lot of traffic to hotel websites at a reasonable cost.

Trivago is visited 2 billion times per year
from Trivago 2017 financial results


Why get listed

  • Warm market of clients. They read reviews and are determined to find accomodation.
  • Chance to choose strategies to increase direct bookings.
  • Exclusive benefits of usingTravelLine solutions. We are a premium partner of Tripadvisor, so our clients get such benefits as sponsored placements.
There are 490 million unique monthly
visitors on Tripadvisor
Tripadvisor internal log files

Who can use TravelLine Metasearch

How to make the most of metasearch engines

To make connection to metasearch engines more efficient, check, if you have done the following:
Complete your profiles
Your metasearch listings will pull in information from profiles. Keep the information relevant, pictures — recent and links — valid.
See, if your TravelLine account is up to date
Hotel prices and availability in real-time are taken from TravelLine Booking Engine on your website.
  • hotel name,
  • city and address,
  • website,
  • phone number,
  • pictures.
Make sure, there are:
  • prices and availability set for a year ahead,
  • rate descriptions,
  • 3-5 good-quality pictures for each room category.

How much is it

$387 / €325 per 6 month $77 / €65 per 6 month + marketing budget for metasearch
TravelLine Metasearch