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How to set prices for a rate

1. Go to “Room management” > “Rate plans”.

2. Select the rate you need and open the “Prices and restrictions” tab.

3. In the calendar, select the period of time for which you want to set prices. Select “Change value” on the right.


4. To set prices for one room category, open the “For the current category” tab. Then, write in a price in the box. Then, click on “Save”.


If you need to set prices for several room categories at once, open the “For all the categories” tab. Write in prices for each room category. Then, click on “Save”.


5. Select “Unmark” to finish editing and select other dates.


To set prices for the whole month, click on its name on the right of the table. In the lightbox box, repeat the step 4.


If your prices are the same for the whole year, click on the year at the left top corner of the table to select all the dates of the year. Then, repeat step 4 to set prices.


To set prices only for certain days of the week, click on all of their names at the top of the table. Then, repeat step 4.


N.B. Prices cannot be removed, only changed. You cannot change prices only for the days that already passed. That is why these dates are in dark blue color.

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