User agreement

Main provisions for online booking of rooms and services in the accommodation facility.

Field of application

These general conditions are valid for the individual reservation of rooms and services in the accommodation facility by clients using online booking system TravelLine.


a) Your decision to make a reservation is sent upon your request to the accommodation facility automatically.

b) Intermediary services rendered by TravelLine LLC. to the clients are free of charge. Due to that fact it is forbidden to resell the rooms, booked through the TravelLine online booking system. Also it is forbidden to sublease the rooms to the third parties on the higher prices than are set in the TravelLine booking system.

The agreement and payments

a) The service agreement between the client and the chosen accommodation facility is considered to be set during the reservation procedure. All the complaints and liabilities connected with the services refer only to the client who has made the reservation and the accommodation facility chosen by that client.

The processed booking can be paid by any of the methods suggested by the system. Please notice that the accommodation facility can vary the methods of payment on the online booking form.

• With the help of banking card or electronic money using Internet-acquiring system the client can pay the cost of the first night of stay at the accommodation facility or any other sum indicated by the accommodation facility in the booking system. The payment is preceded in the safe window of the payment system. If during the reservation you pay for you reservation partly please notice that the rest of the sum is to be paid on arrival to the accommodation facility.

In case your prepayment is accepted by the Internet-acquiring system with which the accommodation facility has concluded a contract an electronic cashier's receipt will be provided to you by the accommodation facility.

In case your payment is made via Internet acquiring system with which TravelLine has a contract an electronic cashier's receipt will be provided to you by TravelLine. We draw your attention to the fact that the accommodation facility in which you booked the rooms (services) and lived in directly, issues documents, confirming the fact of accommodation for the entire period, including those paid via Internet acquiring provided by TravelLine.

• With the method of payment "Credit card (guarantee)" you enter the information on your credit card into the appropriate fields on the booking form. That information is transferred to the chosen accommodation facility through secure communications on a secure server to guarantee your reservation . Accommodation facility itself makes the decision to charge or lock the amount of money on your credit card that is equivalent to the amount of the order. If the accommodation facility will not be able to make the necessary transactions on your card required to guarantee your reservation, your reservation may be canceled by accommodation facility. Please make sure that the expiration date of your credit card has not expired, and your account has sufficient funds to pay for the order.

• With the help of noncash transactions the 100% of the booked services should be paid beforehand. Some accomodation facilities may set different sizes of the pre-payment. The size of the pre-payment will be announced during the reservation procedure. The noncash transactions are available both to the corporate entities and individuals. The payment should be made during 3 days after the act of reservation. Some accommodation facilities may limit the reservation of their services with non-cash payments in some days (generally in 5 days) prior to arrival date.

• The reservation could be paid by the client in cash upon his arrival to the accommodation facility (if the accommodation facility suggests that method of payment).

• When you use the method of payment “Delayed payment” at the end of your reservation you will receive an invoice for the room (services) of the accommodation facility by email. At this stage voucher will not be sent. You are required to pay the reserved rooms (services) of the accommodation during a period of time and in the amount stated in the invoice. If you make the payment within the time period and the amount set out in the invoice you will receive a voucher. In case you do not make the payment within the time specified in the invoice the reservation will be automatically canceled.

• Attention! The accommodation facility has a right to set non-refundable tariffs. Under the terms of such non-refundable tariffs the up-front payment (fully or partly) is not returned in case of cancellation of booking or non-arrival of the client. The accommodation facility charges it as a penalty sanction. Please, read carefully the terms of each special offer before bringing your reservation up to the end.

b) The reservation of rooms is settled straight during the booking procedure. The conformation of booking (the voucher) will show up right after the completion of reservation. We strongly recommend to print and save the confirmation of booking. Also that voucher will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the client during the reservation procedure. But due to the technical reasons TravelLine LLC. does not have an opportunity to check the delivery-route of the confirmation of booking via the e-mail. But still the booking does not loose its validity.

Alteration of booking

TravelLine online booking system functionally allows you to make changes on the arrival or departure date, guest contact details, guest comments on the reservation, room type in an already issued and confirmed reservation with the payment on arrival. You should make changes in this information in your reservation with payment on arrival only through the TravelLine online booking system using the link provided in the confirmation of booking sent to you via email.

Unfortunately you cannot amend the reservation details set above with other types of payment, as well as the other changes in the already issued and confirmed reservation, including the reservation with the payment on arrival.

Please check the hotel's cancellation policy when you cancel your reservation and make a new one through the TravelLine online booking system.

Cancellation of booking

a) To avoid any misunderstandings the cancellation of booking should be always made through the online booking system TravelLine. This is highly important that the notification of the cancellation of booking is delivered to the accommodation facility in time. The cancellation of booking can be made only through the TravelLine system using the cancellation link and password set in the confirmation of booking sent to you via e-mail during the reservation procedure. When canceling the reservation the client receives the Cancellation of booking. In case you can’t use the cancellation link and password yourself please contact the booking department of the chosen accommodation facility.

b) In case you use the electronic method of payment with your banking card or electronic money when you cancel your reservation in time the money will be sent back to the banking card or electronic purse which was used during the reservation procedure in about 45 working days from the moment we have received the cancellation of booking. The time between the return and receipt of the money by the client depends on the inner banking procedures and the inner procedures of payment systems.

In the event of timely cancellation booking service TravelLine has the right to charge the customer extra service charges - for cancellation of services previously issued order. Service charge is included in your registration cost of the order, and in the case of cancellation of booking, non-refundable. The size of the service fee depends on the payment method chosen by the client, but can not exceed 5% of the amount contributed by the client.

c) In case you use the payment method “Credit card (guarantee)” and you cancel your reservation the amount of money charged to your credit card will be refunded by the accommodation facility. If you cancel your booking it is recommended that you contact the accommodation facility to solver the issue in any convenient way.

d) In case you use a delayed payment to pay for your reservation and you cancel your reservation the payment system which provides services for the organization of delayed payment refunds you the sum you have paid. After you cancel your booking the manager of the payment system will contact you. The money will be returned to you the way you want excluding the commission of the payment system.

e) In case of late cancellation of booking or non-arrival of the guest the accommodation facility can impose a penalty sanction to a client.

The rules of late cancelation and exactly the terms and the penalty sanctions are sent by each accommodation facility individually. During the reservation procedure please read the terms of booking, the rules of the special offers and also the terms of the late cancelation which are set on the web-site of the accommodation facility, on the booking form and on the Voucher.

In case of early departure of the client the accommodation facility can lodge complaints to the client for the sustained losses.

The information about the accommodation facilities

The international classification of accommodation facilities in different amount of stars reflects the level of the accommodation facility’s service. This information is not significant. The additional information about the accommodation facility and their description is submitted by the accommodation facility. TravelLine LLC. is not eligible for the legacy of that information.

The cost of rooms and services in the accommodation facility

a) All prices set in the online booking system TravelLine are presented by the accommodation facility and are valid for any kind of reservations made through the TravelLine online booking system.

b) The booking of rooms is processed upon the prices that are valid for the period of the presumable time of staying in the accommodation facility. During the reservation procedure the special price offers set by the accommodation facilities in the TravelLine system are applied automatically. The accommodation facility guarantees that the set cost of the rooms and service is obligatory for each booking.

c) All the prices are applicable for one room and the chosen period of staying in the accommodation facility, including the services set in the room’s description. Upon the inner documents of the accommodation facility it must set in the TravelLine system the suggested retail price of its service including all taxes. But the prices can be shown without any of local taxes and charges.

Information security

a) The data entered by the client is transferred to the accommodation facility only in the extent that is necessary for the reservation of rooms in the chosen accommodation facility. Furthermore, the data entered by the client can be used for transmitting to the third party. Such third parties may contact the customer by e-mail, for example, in order to obtain feedback on the service quality. At the same time when the client gets the first e-mail from a third party, he or she has the opportunity to refuse of the subsequent mailing.

b) By agreeing upon these Terms of service a client consents to the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (update, change), use, transfer to the chosen accommodation facility, depersonalization, removal of their personal data: surname, name, patronymic name, e-mail address, telephone number, citizenship. These personal data are requested to provide clients with the services, or to make the response to customer requests. Specified personal data are displayed in the voucher, report sheets and accounting documents. The consent is given by the client to implement any actions the are not contradicting the legislation of the Russian Federation with respect to personal data. And also to achieve the goals set in the Terms of service including: online booking of a selected accommodation facility, to make the sheets and accounting documentation and also to obtain feedback on the quality of the service in the booked accommodation facility.

In the case of providing the customer with advertising and marketing materials he or she will also be provided with an opportunity to unsubscribe of receiving such materials in the future.


All the information on the booking form is combined with high precision. But there can be some mistakes and typing errors. All the information concerning the accommodation facility such as pictures, accommodation facility’s description, room’s description, services, prices etc. is put down in the system by the managers of the accommodation facility. The accommodation facility is liable for all the inaccuracies appeared in the information.

The title TravelLine and the logo TravelLine combine the registered trade mark of the TravelLine LLC. The other products or company titles mentioned on that web-service can be the registered trademarks of their holders.


While using the TravelLine online booking system and also processing the reservation you agree upon the terms of these Terms of service. In case of disagreement with any of the terms set above we strongly recommend you to stop using the TravelLine online booking system. The continuation of using the system is considered as an unambiguous acceptance of all the terms of that Agreement.