TravelLine has been working in the hotel industry for 13 years

Today TravelLine is an international IT- company chosen by the hoteliers from Russia and abroad.
But 13 years ago it was a modest start-up of like-minded persons from Yoshkar-Ola. This is how it grew:


In 2001 four programmer friends, including General director Alexandr Galochkin and technical director Roman Efremov, united under the CPS Labs brand and started to implement projects from foreign customers. In 2003 they created the online booking engine for a Scottish company.

The booking system went so well that the next 5 years these friends were developing it for a variety of business: from buses to hotels.


First step

In 2008 the team had the idea, that Russian hotels can also be successfully promoted on the Internet. And it was the beginning of the TravelLine booking engine.

We settled in the «Tower»

By that time the company was registered under the current name, and from a «one-bed apartment» they moved to «three-bed apartment». It was in the same «Tower» from which the TL-fighters finally moved out 10 years later.


First Exhibition

General director Alexandr Galochkin and technical director Roman Efremov went to the «Intourmarket», the first exhibition for TravelLine, with the ready online booking module.

Why there was no booking

In those days only few people understood that the booking on request and an instant confirmation booking are two very different things.The hotels had put an application form on their websites and believed that it would leads to instant online sales.


But in spite of this fact we could connect 50 hotels a year. We checked the reports
of each hotel manually and remembered the bookings by the surnames.

The blow from «Cosmos»

Most of our first clients are still with TravelLine. In 2009 we increased sales by installing an online booking module on «Cosmos» website and today we continue to develop and grow it. Our developers have counted 1746 improvements since then.

First PMS

We became partners with the company «Edelink» and connected their offline «Edelveis» automatic management system with our online booking.

First chain hotel

We visited the Board of directors of the chain hotel
AMAKS Hotels & Resorts and installed the TravelLine module on their website in a week.

New fighters

Since that time the «sales» but not the founding fathers of TravelLine began to come to the meetings with hoteliers.

Also the auditors of website and SEO-specialists appeared in our team.

The girls from the new support department picked up all the questions from the hotels connected with the settings in TravelLine accounts.


We introduced IVisa

We created IVisa, a desired service for hotels and foreign guests,with our partners from Saint Petersburg. Even the Azimut chain hotel could not resist our attractive developments.

Got status
from Microsoft


We introduced the TL Analytics

We developed TL Analytics, so that hoteliers themselves can see the efficiency of their websites. Previously, they only had complex analytics from Google and Yandex.

The first «PIR» and MITT

For the first time we visited the PIR and MITT exhibitions. There Alexander Galochkin gathered a full hall of hoteliers and told them «how to get to a bright future for hotels».

The first in RuNet

For the first time we won in the «Tourism and Rest» sector of the RuNet Rating and kept the leading position the next years.

We moved to the new office.

We got another office in Yoshkar-Ola and most of the «travelliners» moved there from the «Tower». The whole team did the cleaning and the old sign «Afedronarium» went to the designer’s office, which everyone began to name in such way.


We introduced the TL Сhannel Manager

We developed and put onto the market TL Channel manager - the first Russian-built manager of channels. There were only 4 channels, but the most exciting and breakthrough thing was the connection to Booking.com.

Then Booking.com offered two types of certification and we chose the most difficult, which no one had taken before us.The result of a whole day of correspondence, checks of our Channel Manager and oppressive stress was a letter from the representative of Booking.com with congratulations and the words: «It was the best certification in my certification history».

We went
beyond the russian market
and opened offices in Belarus
and Ukraine.



First TL-conference

For the first time
we held our own conference.


We introduced the TL Rate Shopper

We developed TL Rate Shopper for the competitor price tracking and in the same year we got recognition from the Association of St. Petersburg Small Hotels «for an innovative high-quality product».

More awards

We became the resident of Skolkovo, Expedia’s privileged partner, Bitrix Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner.


First webinar

The experts of TravelLine began and continue to conduct webinars with the hoteliers.

Watch webinars

First servers

Personal data protection law on the territory of Russia made us fuss and our system administrators began to transfer the TravelLine servers from Germany to Russia. In those times they let all the pain through according with the purchase of servers, with sending them to the metropolitan data-centers and suppliers’ misses.

Well, now the servers and system administrators are all right.

Open offices
in Tunisia and the USA



Our market entry to America was a 100-day trial outing. During that time we managed to connect three hotels to TravelLine.

3 new products

We launched sales of three new products at once.

TL WebPMS — online booking engine for hotels and hostels.
TL Express — hotel website builder.
TL Reputation — manage your hotel’s online reputation.

Became Booking.com
Preferred IT Provider

Online booking for sanatoriums

We created the module for the sanatorium - the first russian development, which sales the vouchers. And today more than 300 sanatoriums are with us.

Product page

We released a mobile application.
TL Extranet for iOS


The number of clients increased up to 1000 within a year.
We opened offices
in Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.



We held meetings with the hoteliers in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.


We released a mobile application.
TL Extranet for Android

We became partners with
Oracle Corporation.


We stepped over the mark of 4000 clients.

Always online

The TravelLine support department, which hoteliers love, began to work in a round-the-clock mode.
More love!
We opened offices in
Kyrgyzstan and Poland,
Georgia is on the way.



We met with hoteliers in Sochi

Best in Bulgaria

We became the best innovative company of the year in Bulgaria.

All gathered

And finally, the «travelliners» moved from the «Tower»
to the main office.