Solutions for countryside resorts

Sell accommodation and services through your website and increase revenue. Show all the benefits and unique offers for booking just one click away

What can increase revenue

Official website

Show your guests all
the advantages and describe
services in detail

Automate booking

Let your guests choose
the place to stay, book it,
and pay right on the website

Additional services

Offer services, outdoor
activities, such as hiking tours,
zipline, rafting, etc.

Management system

Get control over accommodations,
bookings, and income in
a single management system

Get more online bookings

Sell more ​​from your website

Our research shows that 60% of countryside resort bookings come from their official websites. Don’t miss potential guests, and let them pay right on your website.

Easy and fast booking process will turn more website visitors into your clients. Let them choose a suitable room or a house to stay, select additional services, and pay the total bill right there.

Install the TravelLine booking engine onto your website, and you will be able to offer accommodation, services, and process payments. The booking engine is available on every page of your website in a full desktop version or a mobile one, so each booking is just one click away.

Add the «Book Now» button onto your Facebook business page and provide social network users with a Facebook native option to book a place to stay in your resort.

Accept debit and credit card payments

33% of guests prefer to pay online with a credit card.

Guests tend to reserve the countryside resorts for a week and spend the upcoming weekend outside the city. Such a short time between the booking and check-in may result in guests not arriving. Therefore, it’s a good practice to protect your business by offering a small down payment to confirm their intention.

Process payments via the TravelLine acquiring system or the one you’re currently using. It will simplify the workflow and match the customer service level to what people expect from a nice hotel.

Increase the average check size

Sell ​​additional services directly through your website and increase the average check.

Right after guests select a room and a rate, TravelLine booking engine offers them to buy breakfasts, SPA services, saunas, and equipment rentals for outdoor activities. Unlike OTAs, where additional services cannot be represented appropriately and added to the bill, you can list all your services without any limitations on your website.

In addition to traditional overnight stays, you can offer optional day stays and other types of stays for event participants (e.g., sports competitions, festivals, etc).

Offer multiple rates

Diversify your rates, then your potential guests will most likely find the one that suits them the best.

Offer deals with different sets of services and cancellation policies, and edit options in the specific rate at your convenience.

Increase guest loyalty

Offer guests promo codes that you can quickly generate in the TravelLine booking engine’s admin panel. Create special offers for various occasions:

1. Discount for the next stay to encourage a guest to come again.
2. Loyalty program for regular guests.
3. Limited-time offers to increase sales during low seasons.

Print promo codes on coupons and vouchers or send them to your guests via email directly from the TravelLine booking engine’s admin panel.

Sell ​​services without accommodation

And generate up to 5% of the total property’s income and more.

To make the exclusive services more accessible to people, create a landing page on your website
with the option to book and pay for the services only. Here are just a few general ideas that you might offer to your guests:

Entrance to the
Visiting or conducting
events and festivals
Equipment rental for tennis,
golf and other outdoor sports
Access to the beach or
a swimming pool
Renting bikes, quad bikes,
golf cars, and horses

Get your own sales website

The site of your accommodation is your marketplace. Show your advantages here to turn the visitors into the guests of the complex.

We will help you with the website structure, that was developed specifically for suburban facilities. TravelLine websites consist just of sections that help sell. Use them to tell in detail about accommodation, services and events, and illustrate your advantages in the "Photo Gallery" section.

TravelLine websites sell — they offer guests to book from any section.

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Solutions for countryside resorts
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Solutions for countryside resorts