Price Optimizer

Simplify work with dynamic prices

Price Optimizer automates work with dynamic pricing. The tool suggests optimal prices every day.
It tracks demand, occupancy intervals and analyzes lots of other parameters to ensure maximum profit and number of guests.

More profit under the same conditions

Dynamic pricing in hotels
Dynamic pricing helps you quickly respond to demand changes and other market conditions. You can manage prices flexibly and receive additional income in any season.
As an A/B comparison study, hotels that work with dynamics and increase prices as load increases, earn 62% more than those with constant prices at maximum load.

Who needs to use Price Optimizer

Price Optimizer will simplify the transition to dynamic pricing and help
get additional income for hotels where:

How to start working with Price Optimizer

Create hotel

Provide us occupancy data for
one or two years, price list
and, basic rate, and a minimal
price for a standard room.

Create a dynamic
price rate

Based on the data and prices you
provided, your dynamic price rate
will be created. Price Optimizer
will work with this price rate
and set flexible prices.

Price Optimizer

At this stage, price levels,
occupancy intervals are developed,
and demand seasons with higher
demand are adjusted.

Get price

The service will suggest prices
for every day. Confirm or reject
price changes manually or enable

Get daily
price recommendations

Price Optimizer shows price levels based on your hotel’s occupancy. He takes into account possible changes in demand across seasons and during weekends. Recommendations will help set you prices a full year year ahead.

A couple of additional settings will let you expand your pricing strategy for every room category.

Consider season changes

Price Optimizer can focus on a particular season.
In periods of high demand, the tool will recommend your to increase prices, while on low demand it’ll talk you into slightly lowering prices. Your hotel income increases as you master your skills working with seasonal demands.

Monetize events

Price Optimizer include an Event List. You can add holidays and events to it, and the service will show them in a price calendar view. Follow calendar reminders and adjust prices prior to events.

If guests keep coming and number of rooms lowers, you can immediately change prices
and earn more.

Send request

Monitor competitors

Price Optimizer includes free competitor price monitoring. You will see the bigger picture along with your hotel’s position on the market. This is an important information for price management. You can compare your hotel with 10 competitors and its position drifts over 90 days.

Monitor competitors Monitor competitors

Choose an operating mode

Manual mode

You’re completely in control. Confirm and reject recommendations from Price Optimizer or set prices intuitively.


The will change prices automatically. It’ll be reflected on the website and online sales platforms, connected via Channel Manager. To work more carefully events, set up exceptions, when Price Optimizer goes into the manual mode.

In both modes you can perform group operations in the Price Optimizer price calendar. Accept and reject recommendations, set your prices for several dates or specific days of the week.

Analyze your occupancy and revenue history

Analyze and increase the hotel occupancy width dynamic pricing
Analyze and increase the hotel occupancy width dynamic pricing

Price Optimizer
0,5% from each online booking,
no more then $350 / €300 per month.
First month free
A tool for comparing competitors' prices is free
Prices quoted exclude tax.
Price Optimizer